Blackberry Playbook Game Development

Blackberry Playbook Game Development

BlackBerry development was earlier completely done in Java using RIM IDE. But since the launch of WebWorks we can build native BlackBerry games using HTML5. Our BlackBerry game developers really appreciate this initiative from RIM.

Now a days Blackberry Playbook is an incredible opportunity for e-learning and mass deployment of games in any educational system, and for any environment of the business . The main benifit of the Blackberry playbook is low priced device, the cost of hardware highly reduced. The Playbook displays games in incredible innovative ,brilliance,eye catching and is incredibly smooth working app.

Our Blackberry / Blackberry Playbook Game development Services:

  • Blackberry 2D Game Development
  • Blackberry 3D Game Development
  • Blackberry Playbook Game Development
  • Blackberry Game Development with Unity

Team and Process of Game Development:

Infusion infotech developer develop a Game undergoes a predefined process for development As per client Suggested and specified in the requirement . Game apps require special experts , innovative and creative team core team who works only on game applications Development and give a rich ,user friendly ,innovative and creative game Application. The team includes project managers well experienced in developing game apps, technical directors and subject matter experts and designers. All these people together work upon your game ideas to create the perfect and make a imagination in to the reality.

Game developers at Infusion Infotech have expertise in following categories :

  • STL and POSIX library support
  • OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 for 2D and 3D graphics
  • OpenAL for cross-platform 3D audio
  • lib png and libjpeg for encoded images
  • FreeType for fonts
  • Score loop SDK for integrating social gaming capabilities

we use a various type of 3D technologies including Autodesk MAYA, Blender and Autodesk 3D Max,Unity 3D. Also they have hands on 3rd party game development kits like:

  • Unity Framework
  • Marmalade SDK
  • ShiVa3D Game Engine

Our Development process of the blackberry playbook game:

  • 1. Requirement gathering & Analysis of the App development
  • 2. Creating Game design Mock ups
  • 3. Creating a Milestones
  • 4. Game UI/UX design
  • 5. Implementation of the Graphics , development and programming
  • 6. Testing and Quality Assurance
  • 7. Submit to the Store

Blackberry Game Categories we deal into:

  • Action Games Development
  • Arcade Games Development
  • Board Games Development
  • Cards Games Development
  • Children’s Games Development
  • Combat Games Development
  • Movies & TV Games Development
  • Puzzles Games Development
  • Space Game Development
  • Sports Game Development
  • Strategy Game Development