Our Approach

Our Approach

Infusion infotech has created a simple 7 step developmental process to ensure all our customers are fully involved and clear about their app's development process:

You have an idea, a problem or a question, and you’re looking for a highly professional team to deal with it. Call us, drop us an email or find us on Skype and we can help. One of our account managers will get in touch with you and guide you through the process. They will work with you to clarify your requirements, answer your questions and provide you with professional advice. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) can be signed if required. During the consultation stage, we work with our customers to define project scope, check if our technological and business experience meets your needs and help you decide how to proceed.

We normally start with a ballpark figure, which can be given quite quickly and at an early stage in the process. Ballpark figures are rough quotes that give a general idea of the cost of your project. They help you focus on what exactly you need and are happy to pay for, refining the scope of the project Once the scope and specification are clear, or if you come to us with a fully developed set of requirements, we provide you with a component-based estimate. This type of estimate is very flexible as it displays the range of our services in relation to a particular project - essentially a shopping list of features and costs that means you will fully understand what you are paying for You can make use of component-based estimate for the whole development process. No need to re-estimate from scratch when you want to add, remove or replace features or services. You can easily remove a feature and understand the saving. We can charge both per project and per hour. Per project (fixed price) is ideal when the requirements and timeline are clear. Per hour is used when a detailed specification is not available.

People matter! We believe our team to be our strongest asset and we want to make sure you have direct, efficient communication with them throughout the project. A kickoff meeting (normally a Skype video call) is arranged, where our team members (developers, project managers) meet with your staff in order to get acquainted to each other. We carefully choose a team for each particular project to ensure you’ll work with specialists whose experience and skills suit your requirements. Our own development office is located in Lviv (Ukraine), and we do not outsource any of our services – you’ll know the name of everyone working on your project.

Lemberg development processes comply with Agile, Scrum and Lean Startup methodologies. Those work models ensure that development is running smoothly and effectively: project goals, stages and delivery methods are defined, measurable results are shown every week. What’s more, daily builds can be performed if you need to see each day’s progress For the Lean Startup methodology, ideal for tech start-ups, we help define minimal viable product features. These are ready-made for early adopters - in order to get their feedback, monitor and improve product idea, test its hypotheses. In all cases we will agree on a timeline for the work, that you will be able to track through communication with out team and through our collaboration tools.

We develop your project or product to the agreed timescales and estimates. To assist this we use cutting-edge tools in work planning and communication:

  • CodebaseHQ for effective collaboration and source-code control
  • For communication we use Skype, email and phone
  • A separate development environment is created, what helps you avoid implementing changes on live systems
  • Daily reports are presented: our clients can see list of completed activities, results and project status

We offer testing during all stages of development. The Lemberg Quality Assurance (QA) team works only with real devices (we have the majority of the most popular mobile smartphones and tablets at our disposal) and we do testing in multiple environments (bad network, offline mode). Our skilled QA engineers will use automated and manual testing tools, run performance test (for application load and response time, resource usage, users maximum load). Detailed test plans and test cases are created - to achieve sleek, reliable products and exceed industry standards.

After all features are added, the project is carefully tested and polished. While most of the work is now done, the final (delivery) stage is as important as previous steps are, and it should be properly planned. We always take steps to make sure that the project is fully prepared for launch. That means ensuring you have all necessary resources: registered domain, hosting, market accounts, marketing materials (for uploading your app to App Stores). We can work with your in-house teams, suggest outside suppliers and external resources to make sure you are ready. Our team will be on hand to answer a variety of questions, such as choosing an ideal launch date, which developer licenses to choose, and other useful tips