HTML5 Development

HTML5 Development

HTML5 promises to bring exciting new features to the HTML coding language when fully released. it is a collection of features, technologies, and APIs that brings the power of the desktop and the vibrancy of multimedia experience to the web - while amplifying the web's core strengths of interactivity and connectivity.

For a long time iPhone app developers have been looking for a way to decrease the time and cost for developing apps. The solution finally arrives with HTML5. W3C has introduced many new features with HTML5. This new application allows iPhone users to browse and search for videos, access details of their accounts and stream playbacks without the assistance of Flash plugin.

At Infusion Infotech we have an expert team of HTML5 and CSS3 developers that provide cross platform development services to our clients. We also offer extended services on iPhone, iPad, Android, blackberry, Windows phone application development, HTML5 Conversion, HTML5 web development, HTML5 Web Application, HTML5 mobile web development, HTML Web services , HTML 5 Custom Application and more.

Using HTML5 and CSS3, we develop web apps at the cutting edge of the web design practice. The end product, regardless of what your project may be, will illustrate the true power and ability of these two coding packages.


Interactive Forms

Exciting forms? You better believe it. With autocomplete, new input types, browser-based validation, CSS3 styling and the FormData object—who wouldn't get excited?

Semantic Tags

With the inclusion of tags like "audio" and "video" we can embed music and video without the need for plugins. And semantic tags like "footer" and "nav" mean that search engines and browsers will be able to understand your site better and other systems can more readily find specific information on a website.

Vector Graphics

HTML5 supports both Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Canvas which means graphics can be created and manipulated programatically, which means better image animation, cross device compatibility, graphic manipulation, games and so much more.


HTML5 includes a set of APIs to effectively allow the client-side device to retrieve geographic positioning information with JavaScript, which means a website can display actual directions to users or serve content based on location.

History API

HThe history API lets us programmatically work with the browser history in order to preserve back button usage in complex situations, optimize pages by reducing page loads, and more.

Offline Storage

Lost your Internet connection? An HTML5 app doesn't have to die when the tubes go down. Support for session and local storage means the browser can store data from an app or shopping cart making it possible to use apps even when offline. Data can then be synced with a server when a user comes back online.

Web Workers

Web workers give us the ability to do multi-threaded processing in the browser, which is super exciting! The net effect of this is faster, more responsive web UIs which can do many things at once, instead of being limited to doing tasks one at a time.

We are offering a HTML5 Development services in following categories

Interactive Forms

  • Cross browser compatibility.
  • Cleaner Codes.
  • Advanced UI components.
  • Plug-ins.
  • Supportive on all mobile browsers.
  • Supports Rich multimedia contents and animations.
  • Geo-location services.
  • Advanced client-server communication channel.
  • Offline storage capabilities.
  • Huge storage capacity.
  • Games development.
  • Greatly reduce development cost.
  • Feature-rich mobile apps development.