Flex/Flash Development

Flex/Flash Development

Flex is now being developed at the Apache Software Foundation. Participate in the project and directly contribute to the next version of the framework. Get involved today.

Infusion infotech is a specialist flash and flex development company with one of the largest teams of flex developers worldwide.

Flex development has received worldwide applause as one of the best platform for creating Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flash. Flex is the current technology on Macromedia Flash software that can offer web application development environment. The Flex application development is done using Flex SDK and Adobe Flex Builder 3 in collaboration with LiveCycle Data Services ES for client-server data synchronization. Flex development has gained popularity because of numerous reasons including:

  • Flex application development framework is open source and free
  • Flex is user friendly hence the Flex developers have increased productivity
  • Flex has an ability to create expressive web applications in quick development time

Adobe Flex is the leading RIA development tool and framework and infusion infotech is the Flex Outsourcing development partner of choice for ISVs, Portals and Corporations more then 40 countries.

Flex web and application solutions that we offer:

  • Custom Flex Application Development
  • Flex integrate with PHP, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Asp.Net, XML
  • Dynamic Shopping cart ecommerce solutions
  • Rich user interface Flex website design and web solutions
  • Flex and Adobe AIR programming
  • Customize and development Flex modules
  • Develop Flex base powerful CMS and LMS
  • MXML and ActionScript development

What flex frameworks do we use?

  • Gaia
  • Mate
  • Sandy 3D
  • Flex MDI
  • Catalyst